Reconstructive Genitourinary Surgery

reconstructive genitourinary

Dr. Anirudh Kaushik has continuously engaged in successfully treating thousands of general and rare genitourinary problems. The treatment including the fixing of problems emerges due to the urinary tract and genital conditions, accidents, congenital deformation, and injuries. The Doctor is recognized in the area for higher diagnostic and surgical management. He is the expert urologic surgeons and known for treating the ailment with the most effective plainly invasive techniques comprise of robotics and laser technology.

He is providing advanced treatment for various genitourinary issues including lower urinary tract, congenital conditions, genital problems, transitional urology and more. He has treated several patients across the city and providing unbeaten care to patients with genitourinary health issues.

His urology practice comprised of well-certified urologic specialists and a supportive clinical staff who work together as one organized team so as to offer supreme care for each patient. This helps us in meeting the specified requirements of our clients and achieved a strong reputation in the market.

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 Reconstructive Genitourinary Surgery