The prostate is a small type of gland located underneath the bladder, which is responsible for the production of semen in males. Dr. Anirudh Kaushik is one of the topmost physicians' at Holy Family Hospital based in Delhi. He is known as the strong and powerful supporter of men’s health due to his expertise and great knowledge in the domain. Besides this, he has devoted himself to not only curing patients but also train them regarding the problem, which affects the quality of their life.

Thus, to perform the offered prostate cancer treatment, he has a professional and well-qualified team of medical specialists such as Urologists, Radiation Oncologists and Medical Oncologists with an ease. The main motto of his centre is to serve every single patient with an utmost level of medical care and long lasting recovery treatments. Owing to his years of experience in the field, he is personally engrossed in the training part & development of all the personnel.

Considering each and every requirement of the patient, he is totally focused on providing a gentle and long-term laser treatment of related disorders so as to aid patients with quality and a happy life. Contact us today or for more information or visit our official website.

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